Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Top Law Colleges of Pakistan

Law is a noble profession and Legal Education in Pakistan is highly valued & there are various law colleges in both private and public sector along with that most of the universities have a faculty of Law. As Pakistan is an Islamic country, that’s why the legal system of “Pakistan” is based on the “Shariat” (Law derived from the holy Quran). So study of Islamic laws are necessary part of the legal education in Pakistan.

The LLB degree courses provided by the law colleges of Pakistan are of 3 years (Three Years) of duration and one needs to have at least a bachelor degree for getting admission to this course. Some of the Law Colleges in Pakistan also offers 2-year LLM degree courses and short-term certificate courses on law.

Here we are going to list Major Law colleges (Law Schools) of Pakistan

Islamabad Federal Capital Territory (Pakistan)

Faculty of Sharia and Law, Islamabad (International Islamic University)

Department of Law, Islamabad (Bahria University)

Balochistan (Pakistan)

Sibi Law College, Sibi (University of Balochistan )

University Law College, Quetta (University of Balochistan )

Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (Pakistan)

Abbott Law College, Abbottabad (University of Peshawar )

Abbott Law College, Mansehra (University of Peshawar )

Ayub Law College, Haripur (University of Peshawar )

Frontier Law College, Peshawar (University of Peshawar )

Kohat Law College, Kohat (University of Peshawar )

Mardan Law College, Mardan (University of Peshawar )

Muslim Law College, Swat (University of Peshawar )

University Law College, Peshawar (University of Peshawar )

Law College, Dera Ismail Khan (Gomal University)

Punjab (Pakistan)

Gillani Law College, Multan (Bahauddin Zakariya University)

Jinnah Muslim Law college, Bahawalpur (Islamia University Bahawalpur)

Bahawalpur Law College, Bahawalpur (Islamia University Bahawalpur)

Millat Law College, Bahawalpur (Islamia University Bahawalpur)

AIPS Law college, Bahawalpur (Islamia University Bahawalpur)

Ali Law college, Rahim yar Khan (Islamia University Bahawalpur)

School of Humanities, Social Sciences & Law, Lahore (Lahore University of Management Sciences)

Quaid-e-Azam Law College, Lahore (University of the Punjab )

Quaid-e-Azam Law College, Okara (University of the Punjab )

Quaid-e-Azam Law College, Sargodha (University of the Punjab )

Allama Iqbal Law College, Sialkot (University of the Punjab )

City Law College, Lahore (University of the Punjab )

Ghousia Law College, Okara (University of the Punjab )

Gujrat Law College, Gujrat (University of the Punjab )

Hamayat Islam Law College, Lahore (University of the Punjab )

Himayat-e-Islam Degree College for Women, Lahore (University of the Punjab )

Jinnah Law College, Jhelum (University of the Punjab )

Lahore Law College, Lahore (University of the Punjab )

Lyallpur Law College, Faisalabad (University of the Punjab )

Muhammad Ali Jinnah Law College, Gujranwala (University of the Punjab )

Muhammadan Law College, Sheikhupura (University of the Punjab )

Muslim Law College, Rawalpindi (University of the Punjab )

Pakistan College of Law, Lahore (University of the Punjab )

Punjab Law College, Lahore (University of the Punjab )

Punjab Law College, Rawalpindi (University of the Punjab )

Rawalpindi Law College, Rawalpindi (University of the Punjab )

Superior College of Law, Lahore (University of the Punjab )

Sindh (Pakistan)

Law College, Khairpur (Shah Abdul Latif University)

S. M. Law College, Karachi (University of Karachi )

Islamia Law College, Karachi (University of Karachi )

Mirpurkhas Law College, Mirpurkhas (University of Sindh )

Quaid-e-Azam Law College, Nawabshah (University of Sindh )

University Law College, Jamshoro (University of Sindh )


  1. Hi,,
    I wanna do LLB as a private candidate. I want to enroll myself for 2012 year as well,
    Can you please let me know which law college offers Private LLB.

    I dont have to take admission in colleges which are affiliated with University of Punjab.

    Waiting for your response.....

    1. did you get admission? or did you find any offering private candidate option ?

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  5. Is it possible to complete LLB in one year here in Pakistan

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  11. Islamabad Medical and Dental College is affiliated with Bahria University and is recognized by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and Ministry of Health. The college is listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED) and WHO Directory of Medical Schools. The college has three attached teaching hospitals; Social Security Hospital, Ahmed Medical Complex and St Joseph’s Hospice, Rawalpindi .
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  15. And what about 3 years and 5 years LLB. Is the controversy on this issue is cleared or not.
    By the way check out these law colleges in Islamabad.

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